Who am I?



I am Ancy George (Anzz), a never intended to be food blogger and baker all the way from Kochi, Kerala. I am mother to two adorable kids, the tornadoes in my life.

Starting an online blog was one of the most unexpected things that I have done in my life. For a person who never entered the kitchen till after marriage, making a cup of tea was a huge thing. Forget the fish curry that we Keralites are famous for, I would rather order out..! Things went for a turn after I had my daughter Irene, all of 12 now, followed by my son Ryan, now 10.

They had their demands, their likes and dislikes. One does fish, the other hates it. One prefers chicken, the other wants shell fish. Not to mention the hubby with his own set of demands.!! It came to a point where we had most proteins on our dinner table. And slowly cooking took its own place in my life. It was no more “have to cook”, now it was “want to cook”. Over the trials, successes and failures of the many years, ANZZCAFE was born.

I have made a lot of friends in the blogging world. And my absence on this page the last two odd years did not go unnoticed by my readers and friends alike. Well, I had never given up on the site. The last three years came with a lot of changes. We moved from Bahrain to Cochin. I put my roots back in firmly here, got kids in school. The hubby came down , heading a company here. And I started baking professionally.

Yes, I spent a good 10 months heading a private bakery, designing cakes, learning new techniques and discovering new horizons. For a person who had never seen fondant, this was a huge step. Self learning all the way. As of last October, my dream of a small bakehouse came true in A LA CAKES. A small and elegant cakehouse, we do customised cakes for all occasions. And this is what keeps me occupied now. Its been a long and wondrous journey..!! Right from our humble beginning to our little stint into professional cake baking now.

Now that you guys know what I have been upto, here is welcoming you back to this space. Back to my weekly posts, new recipes and baking tutorials. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed making and posting about them.. Have a great stay..!! thank for sticking around, for you queries and posts enquiring about me, pushing me to get back to blogging. Please do leave your comments as that would help me improve in my efforts. Also please do excuse the beginners photography skills here. That is still rocket science for me.

Hope you enjoy your visit.  And eat well..!!


  1. the good soup says:

    I’m so looking forward to the time when my little boy can cook with me! He’s nearly 7 months old and so at the moment he just watches me from his high chair, banging a set of measuring spoons…

  2. Sana says:

    Hi anzz…,i just came to visit ur blog while searchng 4 dum biriyani recipe.i was going thru the blog in whole,n i found it interestng.m very crazy for cookin…n i find ur blog do help me alot..aftr ma marriage in dec m planning to make ma kitchn a cuking lab.if so possible i wud like to do blog like urs.keep it up.c ya wit mre recipes

    • Anzz says:

      Welcome to my home Reshmi. Mighty glad to have you here. I hopped over to ur space and it is beautiful. THanx for dropping by, gave me a chance to discover yours..

  3. Rejani says:

    Hi Ancy,

    I too am a bit like you. Cooking was nanotechnology for me too. But after i had my kids, my outlook changed. Now every new dish i try i do it with my kids in the kitchen. We are trying out wine now and i have been trying to get the recipe for ginger wine for the past few days andsaw your site. It has been great help. thank you.

  4. Anzz says:

    DEar Aashi, it is very nice of you to write in to me. I have been working on a section for kids. I will have it updated sometime soon. You can share your recipes or any details or mail me via anzzcafe@gmail.com.

    Take care,

  5. Rini says:

    Hey Ancy,
    Nice meeting you
    Hey thanks for the wonderful recipes…
    I was buzzing around some websites for ginger wine recipe and was able to find the simplest, fantastic ginger wine recipe of yours.
    hey thanks a lot

  6. Mandar says:


    This is simply too good. One of my friends based in Canada is planning to write a blog for the recipes she cooks! And guess what I am telling her to refer your website!

    Where are you in Bahrain? I have recently moved to Bahrain and joined Elite Hospitality Group as E-Marketing Manager.

    We can catch up sometimes. I am based in Juffair.

    Mandar Abhyankar
    +973 36216888

  7. Shafi says:

    Its really amazing, that was my plan to enjoy the weekends, every sunday my family choose diffrent ideas for live the moment, now its here, in juans cake… We gonna rock next weekends…

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