I have been lucky, immensely honored and humbled that Julie of Erivum Puliyum and Teena of Teenz Yummy Delights  haved passed on these awesome awards to me. They are both authors of amazing blogs which excel in content, written skills and photography. Their work is of great quality and an honor to follow.


I was watching Master chef  USA yesterday. And I was amazed, amazed at the sheer determination and persistence of many of the participants, the work they put in and the endurance they have to go through many negative comments by the judges. No, I am not an anti reality show person, but yes I feel that sometimes the judges are plain rude and insensitive to the participant and the viewers opinion. Being critical is good , however detrimental criticism is another thing.

Not everyone gets a chance to pursue their dreams. Cooking is indeed a fine art, but not a very recognized one in the Indian community. Cooking is just another section of handling the home, an important part of the scope of work of a woman. When I started blogging I was aware of a few prominent blogs. It is when I got deeper into the nuances of blogging that I understood the depth, the work and the commitment of numerous women out there. It is indeed an inspiration to oneself and to numerous others to see that women are capable of creating such beautiful dishes from the kitchen, in addition to successfully handling the other duties of running a household and career. These awards that are presented to bloggers by others in recognition of their work, is of great importance. More than a recognition of the blog, I believe it is a recognition of the woman as a person, as a whole.

I would hence love to pass on these awards to the following bloggers, people of exceptional talent and and sheer determination.

CONGRATS GUYS..! Keep up the great work.

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  1. Plateful says:

    Hey sweetie, I haven’t been blog hopping for a while now and I really missed seeing your delicious recipes. So first congrats on the KK win! And now on these lovely awards. Way to go girl!

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