Beaten Coffee – a Desi Cappuccino..!!

What is Beaten Coffee? I had absolutely no idea. I heard about it by accident and got a chance to taste it, also by accident.!!

Beaten  Coffee

Beaten Coffee


It was one of those dusty days in Bahrain. The Hubby was out on a “boys night out” and the kids were all fast asleep. There was no good movie on TV, just reruns of tacky Saas-Bahu shows. Flipping through the channels, I came across the movie Arunanan. Normally I would not watch a movie from half way at night. But  the movie seemed to be all about complex relationships, complex even in their simplicity. Coming to the point,Rituparna Sengupta is seen making beaten coffee for their friends during a visit home. I had never heard of beaten coffee before and I never actually learned to make it.

It was recently during an unexpected visit to an acquaintance’s house that I actually understood the concept of beaten coffee. It is a very simple method of making cappuccino style coffee at home. It involves incorporating air into a paste of coffee and sugar till thick and frothy, by beating the mix with a spoon. This method of beating the coffee mix is what gives the coffee the name Beaten Coffee.  On addition of milk, this coffee mix dissolves and the air is released creating a delicious froth of top of the coffee.

Beaten Coffee

Beaten Coffee


  • Milk – 1/2 cup
  • Water – 1/2 cup
  • Coffee Powder – 1 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar – 2 tsp
  • Water – 1 tsp
Making Beaten Coffee Stages

Making Beaten Coffee Stages


  • Combine the coffee powder and the sugar in a cup.
  • Add the water little by little to the mix and stir well. the mixture should not be watery, just moist.
  • At first, for about a minute you will find no difference. Once the froth starts appearing add 3 to 4 drops of water.
  • Now roll up those sleeves and start beating the coffee mixture till it becomes thick and creamy. This will take a good 10 minutes, so be prepared for aching arms the first time.
  • Add a few drops of water if needed and keep beating. At no point should the mixture be watery so go slow on that temptation to add more water.
  • After a while tThe mixture will be so thick that it will not drop off the spoon if turned over. I feel it resembles thick coffee butter cream , and oh that smell… so delicious. Do not attempt to lick it off the spoon, that is not very tasty.
  • During this time, boil the milk and water together.
  • Add the milk to the coffee mixture and mix to combine.
  • You will notice a nice thick layer of froth appearing on top after 3 minutes.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on top if you like your coffee with a cinnamon flavor. Or maybe try a sprinkle of drinking chocolate on it.
  • Adjust the coffee or sugar according to personal preference. I like my coffee strong, hence I add more coffee powder.
  • Add more milk if you like your coffee very milky, or use just plain skimmed milk for a low fat version. In that case do not add water to the milk.
  • So feel free to find your combination.
Beaten Coffee

Beaten Coffee

If you are pressed for time, in need of a delicious cup of coffee cappuccino style, then this one is for you. If you have 10 minutes spare, looking forward to relax and unwind with a cup of coffee, then this is for you. If you are pressed for time, do not  have time to whisk it to that thick creamy mass, then you are better off with a regular cup of instant coffee. Because it is always better to do this to perfection than to just mix it up and mess it up. Follow the steps perfectly for that perfect cup of coffee.


  1. Ann says:

    Lovely! Loved the detailed step by step pics. Just heard about beaten coffee on a friends blog and decided to troll the net for more info, and came across your site.

    • Vishreya says:

      What a coincidence! I was also watching the movie Anuranan today.. I am a BIG coffee lover! So when I heard of beaten coffee I couldn’t stop myself searching it up on net. And I’m so GLAD I did!! Thanks for writing the recipe so nicely with pictures. I will make it tomorrow.

      • Anzz says:

        Thanx Vishreya… 🙂 I experienced the panic that set in when I cud not fine the recipe online, hence wrote it… glad I could be of help ..!!

  2. Tahmina says:

    What a coincidence! I was also watching the movie Anuranan yesterday.. I am a BIG coffee lover! So when I heard of beaten coffee I couldn’t stop myself searching it up on net. And I’m so GLAD I did!! Thanks for writing the recipe so nicely with pictures. I made the coffee today and it came out delicious! I wasn’t sure if the texture will become as creamy as yours but the 10 minutes of hard work worth it! THANK YOU SO MUCH 😀

    • Anzz says:

      You are so welcome Tahima. Am happy I could be of help. Yup..! Beaten coffee is delicious and so easy to prepare, right?
      Do visit often dear.

  3. jaini says:

    oh same experience for me……i heard about beaten coffee wen i was watching anuranan movie n that’s the first time i heard of the beaten coffee…m gonna try this tomorrow…thank you for recipe with pictures….:) great for amateur cooks like me……:)

  4. sissy says:

    Hello Anzz. I live in Greece with my husband and my 5 years old son. I love Indian cuisine and I’ll soon try some of your recipes. In my country beaten coffee is very common.I’ve been drinking it since I was 13 years old(Now I’m 41)! I would like to send you a recipe for Greek ice coffee (frappe) which was first made in my country in 1970!You put 1 tsp of instant coffee (nescafe or else) in a shaker, you add as much sugar as you want(usually 1 or 2 tsp),1/4 cup of cold water and you shake it well for about 1-2 minutes.Then you serve it in a high glass adding water, condensated milk, ice cubes and if yoy wish a little whipped cream on the top. Enjoy!

  5. Riyanka Gope says:

    It is a very useful recipe for the first time beaten coffee makers. I normaly add a bit drinking chocolate powder to my beaten coffee with the coffee powder and sugar to get mocha flavour and top it with freshly beaten cream to get the exact cafe experience. I hope this will add a new flavour to every coffee.

      • poonam says:

        anzzz…..thnx fr posting steps to beat a coffee…these steps r so simple.
        n u knw wat m an army officer wife..mother of a toddler daughter n a journo by prof….n i jus happnd to land on ur blog. n hav startd loving to an extent dat m really following it blindly like a bibble n enjoying d joy of cooking

  6. Sowmya says:

    Hi Anzz… thank you so much for the recipe.. heard abt the beaten coffee on the big boss show and i being a coffee lover could not stop myself from looking up for the recipe… The pictures make it so easy… can’t wait to try this coffee.. I am gonna give it all my time to get it perfect… Thanks again. 🙂

  7. Sukaina says:

    Lovely recipe. Im a coffee lover but try stay away from it as much as possible. Whenever I do indulge in some coffee then it surely has to be the BEST! I will try this and I’m sure I wont be disappointed.

  8. gotop says:

    which milk should be used–fresh,powder or coffee mate.I have tried coffee mate for better taste but although the taste gets better,it does not get the froth.Any tips?

  9. DESMOND says:

    Hey, my mom used to make this beaten coffee for me when she was with me now she had gone for training in Delhi so i wanted this coffee thanks it helped me because i was not knowing how to make this coffee……

  10. Zeena says:

    Looks lovely… Heard about beaten coffee from a daily soap and thought of checking the net. Right now gonna prepare it… Byeeeeee…….

  11. Radhika says:

    What a coincidence! I was watching the movie Anuranan and that’s where I heard about beaten coffee for the first time.I am a coffee lover! couldn’t wait to find the recipe on net. You have given it so precisely and nicely! Thank you!

  12. Ricky says:

    We used to make it too…at Bahrain….my dad was d one to make it though.
    It was like a secret family recepie, served to the elite of guest.
    The trick is in the sugar. It can be added more than 2 spoons and you have to add water just to wet it. If you add a bit more or a bit less of water it wont be perfect. And the rich mixture has to be chilled for half an hour it kinda increases the froathing. We used to add long life milk that we get at Bahrain. It is served by sprinkling intant coffee powder over the coffee, so we get an intial bitter then sweet taste.
    Tried it when I was in college n broke the spoon while mixing…:D
    Kinda overjoyed beyonds limits when I saw this here.

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