A CARS movie Cake for a Birthday Boy..!

A Cars 2 movie theme birthday for an adorable son.. and yet another test for poor old me.!!


Yup.. Its my adorable son Ryan’s Birthday. And he has grown … Oh My..!! Any Mom would agree with me if I told them that the biggest reality check comes when you look at old photographs of kids and then look at them standing in front of you. The rate at which they grow is amazing. Every year its the same person you know, but in a different package, years gone by and lots of memories left behind.

This year Ryan has let go off his Spider-Man, Superman and Ben 10 in favor of the Lightning Mc  Queen of the Cars fame. He wanted and he got all his gifts related to CARS movie. I was all ready to make him his favorite chocolate cake, but was in for a shock when he announced (quite strictly I must say) that he would have a CARS cake and nothing else. Being the doting mother, I had no choice but to try and put up a car cake some way or the other. I tried all the bakers in the area for a car mould, but no luck. Finally I hit the Internet for help, and the result was a solid smack on my face. It was a bit too complicated for me.  But hey check out for yourself..!

OK, hold the GIGGLES and WIGGLES… there is MORE..


Now… if you are not already roaring with laughter, hear me out. The cake had to be carved and it was my first time. I also had no prototype except for a picture. I tried fondant for the first time from scratch, realized that I needed more practice on that. Some how I got the chocolate cake, fondant covered CAR on the caramel cake podium and voila it split into two pieces. I pushed the two pieces together as I had no time to do it over again and sat looking in despair at what was left. It looked like a car, but not quite, if you know what I mean. sigh… and another sigh…!! My darling sister saved the moment for me.  I sent her a photo of the cake to her mail and she told me, “Sis, the car looks like it was in an accident’. And there the moment of revelation came.

Presenting before you, Lightning Mc Queen after an accident on the race track. 🙂 and a nice made up story to go with it. Was Ryan happy? He was delighted. Thank God for the imagination of 6 year olds.  And thank God for another year to prepare myself and brush up some skills before the next birthday..!!  And of course thank God for Internet and laptops.!!

YIPPIEE ..!! Happy Birthday Son..!

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  1. Prathibha Sreejith says:

    Oh mine, Anzz… Hats off to your attempt in making Mc Queen cake lovely post on ur son’s bday. My son’s bday is on 14th Dec and just like Ryan my son had given his strict order for Queen cake. I searched the web and found cars cake bake pan but seems like a lot of effort, so will happily order from bakers 😉 Btw A Very Happy Birthday wishes to little Ryan 🙂

    • Anzz says:

      Oh Prathibha, I understand the ‘CARS’ factor all too well, I have progressed from a Super Mario cake last year to the CARS cake this year. But its fun..!! Am sure your son will have a rocking Bday..! Afterall he is also part of the ‘CARS Gang’. 🙂

    • Anzz says:

      Thanx Tina, Santhoshamayi, that I managed to fulfill Ryan’s wishes. And even more because seasoned bloggers like u have loved what I put up. 🙂

  2. Santosh Bangar says:

    hi 1st time here cake is raelly attractive and i think ur ur little wilenjoy the b’day with this cake.do visitmy site .ihave food blog .i have send recipes to materchief so pl vote for these recipes.

  3. charishma says:

    hey Anzz….thats a lovely cute cake….nice attempt…you should have checked out Tavola in City center…they have the exact mold of the car from the movie Cars,my friend in Bahrain had made that cake for her sons birthday…the theme was race cars…check out her pic…she has a site called melting moments…she sells homemade cakes https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=158067217566386&set=a.158066657566442.27744.121416341231474&type=3&theater
    thank you for commenting on my thai curry…i love thai food too…have u been to thai-chi restaurant in City center…they have nice thaifood…

    • Anzz says:

      Cherie, I did check out Tavola, but they had cupcake sized pans and not a proper cake pan. They have also started a new cake supplies shop next to Carrefour. But no Luck. I saw the pic u sent, that was a lovely cake. Lesson learnt from this Bday, never attempt the cake 8 hours before the cake cutting time. Start hunting a week ahead. 🙂

    • Anzz says:

      I call it “learning to live” among the kids. Keeps them happy and the smile on their faces make it all worthwhile. Its so nice to have you here dear. Welcome to AnzzCafe. Hope you will keep visiting and enjoy the recipes here.

  4. tina says:

    You are a great inspiration! Adorable..really a nice pavam mom,..
    May Gods richest blessings be with u n and your lil family!

    • Anzz says:

      THank you for your wishes and blessings dear. May god give us all the strength an happiness to go forward and make a lovely life..!

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