Chakkakuru Manga Charu – Jackfruit seeds and green mango curry..

A wholesome vegetarian dish of  jackfruit seeds simmered with green mangoes in a coconut based gravy – Chakakuru Manga Charu  ( Jackfruit seeds and mango curry)

I am in Gods own country now, a land rich in coconuts, jackfruits, mangoes and culinary varieties. A land where the best mangoes are showing their green brilliance waiting to take on the ripe yellow – orange  “ come and eat me “ look..!!  It is indeed the most wondrous sight to sit in your home balcony and look out at the mango trees, swaying in the slight breeze, the youthful green mangoes dancing to the songs of mother nature, the smell of the jasmine flowers and the cries of the birds singing in harmony with the rest.

I came across a unique form of insect repellent here. The blue jug contains some very sweet jaggery. The insects are attracted to the sweetness of the jaggery. The transparent jar contains a piece of wood with a unique smell attractive to insects. The insects come to eat the jaggery but are instead attracted and pulled towards the transparent jug by the smell. They enter the jug through holes punched into the sides. The smelly wood is in fact a pesticide and the insects are killed with no harm to the plant.Notice the insects fallen at the bottom of the jar..!! The fruits are not eaten by the pests and the mother plant is as nature would have it – pest and pesticide free.!!

Today we have prepared a traditional vegetarian dish made from the seeds of the jackfruit / chakka and green mango. The mango is used as a souring and flavoring ingredient here. This dish imbibes the best of the Kerala backyard cultivation – Jackfruit , mangoes and coconuts..!! This curry can be considered a vegetarian alternative to the Chemeen Manga Curry.

This recipe is made by my mom – in – law who specializes in traditional Kerala cooking. I hope I am able to learn a lot more during my stay here.


  • Chakkakuru / Jackfruit seeds – 15
  • Green mango – 1 small
  • Green chili – 3 or as per spice level
  • Small onions – 6
  • Turmeric  –  ½ tsp
  • Coconut grated – ¾ cup
  • Curry leaves – a sprig
  • Mustard – 1/2
  • Oil – 1 Tbsp


  • Scrape off the outer brown casing of the chakkakuru / jackfruit seeds. There is a white portion underneath which can be used for cooking. Slice the seeds into three or four pieces lengthwise. Soak these in water for about 5 minutes and then wash at least three times with different changes of water.
  • Remove the green skin of the mango and slice it into thin long slices. These mangoes should be white and sour. Do not use the mangoes that are yellowish inside and slightly sweet.
  • In a pressure cooker combine the seeds and the mangoes along with enough water to come about ½ inch above the surface of the chopped pieces. Wait for one whistle and switch off. Once the pressure has come down, open the cooker and check if the seeds are cooked and tender. Don’t let it get mashed up. The seeds have to be cooked yet distinctly separate.
  • Grind to a paste the coconut, green chili , small onions and the turmeric.
  • Add this paste to the cooked chakakuru manga. Let it boil for 5 minutes till the raw smell is gone and the gravy is thick. Add more water if necessary to bring the gravy to the consistency you like.
  • Temper by heating the oil and popping the mustard seeds and the curry leaves. This step is optional as some feel that tempering disguises the true flavor of the curry.
  • Pour on the gravy and serve hot with rice.

This is my entry to the event Kerala Kitchen hosted this month by dear Magpie of Magpies recipes. She will be hosting this wonderful event this month.

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  1. Magpie says:

    Wow! pacchamanga is one of my favourite ingredients! Love the tartness and can almost taste it seeing your beautiful pics 🙂 Oh and what an ingenious pest control idea!
    You must send this chakkakuru manga curry in to Kerala Kitchen Annz!
    And I do hope you get to try out our month’s challenge dish- the Chatti pathiri- it is much simpler than it looks!

    Your children are adorable- such cuties!
    Hope things are settling down in Bahrain and that you are all safe.

    • Anzz says:

      I surely will… I must say I love the idea of the kerala kitchen..!! We are ok in Bahrain.. things are settling after a month of worry..Thnx for ur wishes

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