Let’z Keto

LIFE has been a rollercoaster ride. Same as with a lot of people I see, it has been a life spent on day to day activities, petty incidents, unnecessary tensions and a whole lot of work. The world is such, its every man to himself, and maybe in a bid to do everything extremely well most forget the basis of their existence – themselves. I am one such person.

I have never been a super skinny, extremely athletic, always on the jump, excellent at all sports person. No…!! In fact I have been a chubby kid for as long as I can remember. Yes, I played sports, I ran, I did field events.. but the fact was that I was always better in events which required me to stand and use strength rather than focus on stamina. You see, I was always on the heavier side… and no amount of wishful thinking was going to change that. Laziness was inherent. I ran from the word exercise. All my sorrows could be drowned in a bucket of KFC. All my happiness in a box of coffee almond ice-cream. Sure, I do want to run a marathon, do a trek… but hey, can I? Am not one to say no to a good vada pav, and the tea accompanying it should have 3 tsp of sugar. Give up sugar?? Gosh… no way… I am a baker..!! Whats a baker without a flour covered apron and some good sugar? I don’t think I can..! But I wish I could.. maybe some day I will.. will I?

It took 15 years of marriage, two kids, numerous life incidents and some very annoying not able to find a decent outfit, wishing to be able to wear that awesome new design and looking 40 @ 30 to actually shake me up. The realisation came in quite clear… either I could die an overweight woman with a life spent on the daily run of life, or I could be the me in my mind. I could be the fit, young woman living my age, not carrying excess baggage on my body, confident in front of all , and most of all active on my toes person. Its a choice I had to make… it was my life.

This tiny blog has been my rant space and home for many years. I have been absent here off late, but I always drop by to take a look… its home, my cozy me space. And where else to start off my journey than here. Finally, after so long, after so many yo-yo thoughts I have decided to jump in and KETO my way out of my rut. And I need a space to chronicle all the recipes I try out. Some recipes are self made, others inspired by various blogs… These are all tried and tested by me… Hope it helps you too..!!

So jump in… lets make the change… let’z keto..!!

Why KETO? Why a healthy alternative? Do we need all that carb we consume? I have been over weight all my life. A yo yo dieter and exercise phobic person, I was never concerned much about my weight till recently. And this diet changed my life.
your body
What is a ketogenic diet? This is a low carb diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. This diet is also referred to as low carb diet, LCHF diet, keto diet. Basically the funda is simple. We eat a lot of carbs on a daily basis, in the form of rice, vegetables, roti.. On this diet, we deplete our body of the glycogen from carbs, load it up with a higher amount of fats for energy and a moderate portion of proteins .

The benefits of such a diet are many, decreased hunger, healthy food habits, lower weight, increased energy, more focussed mind, controlled blood sugar, controlled cholesterol, lesser acne.. its just great..!