Mixed Fruit Wine – homemade 4 Christmas..!

 What can be a better Christmas than a closely knit group of pals, an abundance of good fruit wine, decadent foods and merry Christmas carols?



The last week was a flurry of activity. A mixed bag of baking gifts, shopping, attending birthday bashes and the grand finale to the week, Christmas. I have no idea as to when the week started and when it ended. It just went on and on and on. One day extended well into the next day and 24 hours was just not enough. I guess that is in itself the best part of celebrating Christmas. I know I am a twee bit late but guys, Hope you all had a rocking Christmas..!



Unfortunately I was unable to post much online during this time. Many of my readers asked me as to where I had disappeared. Well, nowhere in particular actually, just my Little Old Kitchen..! I have been having a cooking marathon at home, while the rest of the family helped mess up the house..! My darling Irene was the one who helped mix up the chocolate, whip up the butter- sugar -eggs, and also do the tasting for me. She has this amazing palate and can pick up flavors quite fast. And she loves to cook..!  Her present ambition is to win the  Master Chef title and open her own Irene’s Cafe..! Now, how is that for Christmas ambitions and New Year resolutions..??



Many of you are aware that wine making is one task I enjoy immensely. I always have a batch ready for Easter and Christmas. During one of my adventurous searches online , I had come across Mixed Wine recipes and this one particularly caught my attention. It was  simple and elegant. I tried making a batch of it and was not so happy about the results. I deemed it a mediocre adventure and stashed it at the back of my cupboard. But SURPRISE..! One year later, the wine matured into a beautiful, clear and intense wine. During my initial days of wine making, I had read that the resting period for wine is essential. This period can make all the difference between an ordinary wine and an extraordinary wine. That made all the difference here. The wine matured into a delightful drink and became very clear. Point proved here.




  • Mixed soft Fruits- 1kg  (this is where you use your imagination)
  • Sugar- 750  gm
  • Water-4 liter
  • Yeast-3/4 tsp
To prepare
  • I used strawberries, red grapes, plums, peaches and apples to make this wine. Please use the fruits as per your preference. This is a basic recipe that works well with most combinations.
  • The most essential parts of wine making is to have your utensils and spoons clean and dry and the water boiled and cooled beforehand. I normally wash the ceramic pot, bharani and wipe it dry with a clean cloth the night before. I then leave it out so that the last drop of moisture is gone. I do the same with the wooden ladle too.
  • Boil the water till it comes to a rolling boil. Keep aside or overnight till it cools to room temperature.
  • Wash and chop the fruits into small pieces. Keep aside.
  • Proof the yeast. Take the yeast in a small glass. Add 1/2 tsp of sugar and a little warm water and leave to rest on the counter. The yeast will multiply and froth up in a little while.
  • Combine the sugar, the proofed yeast, the chopped fruits and the water in the bharani/pot. Do not stir after adding the yeast.
  • Cover the pot with a piece of cloth and the lid allowing enough looseness so that air can escape during fermentation. If the lid is too tight and you are using a plastic container, there are chances of the plastic cracking or bursting. So be careful.
  • Stir the wine regularly once everyday for 21 days, if possible at the same time everyday. I do it every night just before I go to bed.
  • After 21 days strain the wine into a clean bottle or another container and discard the solids.
  • Leave this wine in a dark corner for 2 weeks and then strain again, carefully. Do not use the hazy part of the wine that you see at the bottom.
  • Pour the wine into clean bottles and rack them for as long as you want. My wine was racked for 12 months before I opened them, but you need not wait that long. Just make sure that you open the lid of the wine every 2 months to allow the air to escape.
  • Be sure to prepare your batch so that you can indulge in it for Easter celebrations.  Have fun..!


These make great gifts if packed in cute little bottles. Add a homemade label to it.  Am sure Santa  would have loved it. Hmmmm… what do you think of a tipsy Santa ??   Ho.Ho. Ho..!!


 This post is my entry to

JINGLE ALL THE WAY , an festive event hosted by Kavi

Christmas Delicacy by Julie

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  1. Plateful says:

    Ah ha, wine for Christmas. Not many can resist that, especially when’s homemade with lots of love! Hope you had a wonderful time sweetie. My best wishes for the coming year. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Prathima Rao says:

    Ghosh…Simply stunning & such a delightful wine recipe 😉 Perfect to celebrate the holiday season with…
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

    • Anzz says:

      I understand, I have a small cupboard and bottles of wine in its darkest corner. Somehow I have grown to like homemade wines more than commercial ones. Thanx for visiting.

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