Popcorn Chicken


You know i am pregnant and we have a baby due in less than 5 months. So when my husband woke up today, i dragged him off to a totswap, a discount sale for kids in a nearby town. What was supposed to be an hour of shopping turned into 4hr. All the poor man wanted was to sit at home and relax. Since we were shopping for the baby and he is my designated driver ( i haven’t gotten my license yet), he had no other choice but to drive me around. Dont get me wrong, he had a lot of fun but what could have been wrapped up in 2hrs became 4hrs because of me.
You see, Game of thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep premier their new seasons tonight. Plus let us not forget John Oliver after all of that. So to compensate for the entire morning he wanted the T.V. for himself from 9pm to 11:30pm and that was the deal. But to thank him for being so patient today i decided that I’d make some snacks for him. All we had in the fridge was some chicken thawing for the curry i was supposed to make , so thought why not make some popcorn chicken. I had a basic idea of how to make southern fried chicken. So a little adjustment here and there and we have a fantastic popcorn chicken recipe. It’s easy and delicious and i hope you enjoy it!


Popcorn Chicken


•750gms of chicken, cut and cubed into small bite sized pieces
•2-3tbsp Curd
•2cups of all purpose flour
•1/4tsp + 1/4tsp + 1tbsp Garlic podwer ( garlic paste)
•1/4tsp + 1/4tsp + 1tbsp Chilly powder/ Paprika powder
•few dashes of chilly / tobasco sauce
•2tsp pepper
•2 large eggs
•2tsp corn starch
•Salt to taste


1.Preparing the chicken-: Clean and cube the boneless chicken into small bite sized pieces. keep in mind that if the pieces are too big then the outer crust could burn and the chicken would be raw.
2.Make the marinade with curd, 1/4tsp garlic powder/paste, 1/4tsp chilly powder and salt. Mix the chicken in the marinade and keep it aside for atleast 1hr-6hrs.
3.Now let’s set up the dredging station. whisk 2 eggs, 1/4tsp garlic powder, 1/4tsp chilly powder, few dashes of chilly/ tobasco sauce and salt to taste. Once they are properly mixed, add a tbsp of water and 1/2 tbsp of Cornstarch to the egg mixture and whisk well. This is the 1st half of your dredging station.
4.In a ziplock bag/ paper bag/ plastic bag, add 2cups of the all purpose flour, 1tbsp of garlic powder, 1tbsp of chilly/paprika powder, 2tsp pepper, salt and shake the bag well to mix it. This is the other half of the dredging station.
5.We are reinforcing the flavour by seasoning all the components. Now take few pieces of chicken and drop them in a bag. Shake the bag well to coat the pieces properly. Drop them in the egg mixture and make sure its properly coated. shake off the excess egg mixture and put them back into the bag and coat them with flour again. This is called double dredging. This gives the crispy and crunchy outer coating.
6.Once its properly dredged, fry them till they are golden in colour. Keep in mind to regulate the heat. You want the oil to be hot when you drop them in. Then reduce the heat to medium and let them fry till they are done. If the oil is too hot, the outer crust will burn but the chicken will remain raw. If the oil is not hot enough, then the chicken will absorb the oil making it very dry and it will leave you with an oily after taste.


Serve them warm with ketchup and/or tartar sauce. Enjoy!!!


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  1. tina says:

    Congrats dear ansy !! How r your lil ones?im sure they will be super excited to see thr cutiee pie.made pesha appam n appam following your recipe..came out well as usual.where are you now?kerala ?
    Take care dear!God bless you and your family Immensely !! Cant wait to hear the good news

    • Anzz says:

      Hi tina, I’m Deepthi, Ancy’s youngest sister. I’m expecting my 1st child this sept. Ancy chechi has been very busy with her new job, apartment and hectic schedule. So i thought i’d help her out with the blog. She will be posting new recipes as often as she can. But right now she is taking a brief hiatus from the blog. She will be very happy to hear from you. She is in Cochin and her family is doing well. This is my second post. Do check out the chocolate tart that i posted last week. I know there is a standard to uphold and i’ll try my level best to do so. Hope you like the recipes that i post. Take care and God bless! 🙂

      • tina says:

        Hi deepthi..somehow i missed your last blog..thats why i was confused..Congrats dear . And thank you so much for sharing the recipes..will surely try and let you know..im also september born 🙂 take care dear…god bless..love n regards to ansy..all the best wishes for her future endeavours

        • Anzz says:

          Hi Tina, Ancy here… so nice to see you back. Yes Deepthi (my sis) is brushing up the site now as I have joined work. Between the two of us we will be posting more regularly here. Thank you for all your support during this time. 🙂 very blessed..!

  2. Tabita says:

    Yay ! Such a sweet write up . I am sure it was delicious. I know the feeling of how two hrs is never enough at Tot Swap :)lucky husband 😉 Keep the recipes coming 🙂

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