Rocky Road Crunch Bars

 Mini Marshmallows + Rich Biscuits + yummy chocolate = delicious Rocky Road bars..!

There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.

No, I did not say that, but yes.. those are my sentiments exactly. Who would not or rather could not love chocolate? I love it and have used it to make a bad day better, an aching heart lighter, a passing moment memorable, a sleepless night passable, bribe a very naughty child and also used it as a dip to make a fussy eater to start eating carrots. So, I would be absolutely on track to say chocolates are my best friend.

This is a very simple and easy to prepare recipe straight from the Goddess of Cooking Nigella Lawson. This recipe is from her book Nigella Express. You can use a variety of things to make it. Experiment with the chocolate, the crispies,  add nuts or fruits… each addition makes it even more tastier. Each bite is a mix of crunchiness from the biscuits, softness from the marshmallows and sweetness from the chocolate.  Its a great snack for kids and an easy addition to the menu of any birthday party. So what say.. lets try it..!


  • 125g soft butter
  • 300g best-quality dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids), broken into pieces
  • 3 x 15ml tablespoons golden syrup
  • 200g Rich Tea biscuits
  • 100g mini marshmallows
  • 2 teaspoons icing sugar for dusting
To Make It
  • Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-based saucepan. Reserve about 125ml of this melted mixture for later.
  • Put the biscuits into a freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Do not worry if some of it gets too crushed for we will be using both crumbs and pieces of biscuits.
  • Fold the biscuit pieces and crumbs into the melted chocolate mixture in the saucepan.
  • Now add the marshmallows and fold in.
  • Line a baking pan with some plastic wrap. This makes removal of the rocky roads later.
  • Tip this mixture into a clean baking pan and flatten as best you can with a spatula.
  • Pour the reserved 125ml of melted chocolate mixture over the marshmallow mixture and smooth the top.
  • Refrigerate for about 2 hours or overnight.
  • Cut into the desired portion size.
  • Dust with icing sugar by pushing it gently through a small sieve.


  1. Nisa Homey says:

    Hi I am first time here…I stumbled from Prathiba space (prats corner). Wow! you have a wonderful space dear. I love these rocky road bars…R u a malayali…from which part of Kerala. Do visit my space when time permits…happy to follow u for more exciting recipes.

    • Anzz says:

      Hi Nisa, welcome to AnzzCafe. Yes, I am Malayali basically from Cochin but married to Tellicherry. Do visit back often. Glad to have met you dear..!

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