Easy Vanilla Pudding


Pregnancy has been the weirdest experience of my life. I’m in my second trimester and the cravings have been so weird. In the morning I crave fish curry and at night curly cheese puffs. One day I wanted to have ice cream with ketchup. How gross is that?! But one thing I don’t crave for much are sweets. So when a cousin of ours came over with some mangoes, I couldn’t wait to have them with a little custard.

Fruit salad with custard has been our staple dessert, my mum’s sneaky healthy dessert. I was fascinated by how a chalky powder (I know because I tried it once) turned into a smooth, velvety and delicious custard. Unfortunately I didn’t have any custard powder at home, so I decided it was time to improvise and make some from scratch.

Vanilla custard varies from home to home. I grew up having thick custard whereas my husband grew up having thin custard. So when I decided what consistency to make it, I decided that since I’m the pregnant one, it’s my way or the highway πŸ˜‰

Simple Vanilla Pudding

2 cups Whole milk
1 cup Cream
1/4 cup sugar ( Plus more as per taste)
3 egg yolks
3tbsp Cornstarch
1tbsp Butter
1/4tsp Salt
2tsp Vanilla Essence/ 1 pod of fresh vanilla

1.Beat the egg yolks and set aside.
2.Place cornstarch, sugar and salt in a heavy bottom pan. Add milk and cream to the dry mix and whisk until the cornstarch, sugar and salt are completely dissolved. Make sure to check the edges of the pan for undissolved clumps of cornstarch.Taste the mixture for sweetness and add more if needed.
3.Heat the mix on a medim low heat until it starts to thicken. Keep whisking the mixture as it can burn at the bottom.
4.Once the mixture has started to bubble around the edges and thicken, take it off the heat and add in the beaten egg mixture.
5.Return it to the heat and let it cook until the egg has cooked through. Do not allow it to boil as it would make the custard lumpy.
6.Once cooked thorough, take the mix off the heat, add the vanilla and butter and mix till the butter melts. The butter give the custard the wonderful glossiness and the vanilla essence the taste.
7.Pour the mixture through a sieve so as to remove any clumps in the custard for a velvety smooth custard.
8.Transfer to an air tight container and chill for 2hrs.

Server chilled with fresh fruit and/or jelly.



1.To increase/decrease the quantity, keep in mind the ratio is 1:1:1, ie. liquid:egg yolk:cornstarch.
2.Do not skip the butter. The butter makes it glossy.
3.For a skinny girl version, substitute the cream and 1 cup whole milk with skimmed milk.

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