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An airy , delicious crepe filled with warm Nutella , strawberries and served with luscious , juicy chocolate kissed strawberries.



What was I doing this time last year?  Maybe sitting in front of the TV after a full meal, wondering what I wanted to do next , or maybe caught up in busy day to day schedules and running full circles of errands. At that point if anyone had told me that I would start a blog, I would have given them that blank look. It was my hubby who inspired or rather pushed me to start a blog. It was his method of trying to make me sort out my huge files and books of recipes and paper cut outs. But what came out of his venture was something so much more beautiful.

Many bloggers would agree with me that the first year of blogging is a nightmare. Waiting for that first comment, an appreciatory word, an eye on the number of visits, doubts on whether you are writing it right , the questions are many. But it is from this maze of questions and doubts that arise this beautiful world where there are lovely reliable friends at the other end of the net helping you out with your questions, putting in that simple line “you are doing a great job” – a comment that makes your day and gives you wings.

I was a very cautious blogger. I was apprehensive when I started out with AnzzCafe . I was happy to be doing something I enjoyed – cooking is a passion . The blog requires a lot of attention. The minute details of the dish to be made, the photographs taken and the lighting all play an important role. This blog has given me immense happiness and satisfaction. It has given me a sense of purpose, a method of stress busting and relaxing. Then I got introduced to many lovely blogger friends , friends who assured me that the blog was just getting better, thus inspiring me more. And it is one such great fellow blogger who has tagged me today- the lovely Sarah of Spoonful Of Delight.

The rules are simple, the game even simpler.

  • Blogger is nominated to take part;
  • Blogger publishes her/his seven links on her/his blog- one link for each category;
  • Blogger nominates five more bloggers to take part;
  • Those five bloggers publish their seven links and nominate another five bloggers;

Simple , Is it not??  So lets get started.


1. My most beautiful post.

My daughters favorite cupcake – Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting which she helped me bake for my sister / her aunts birthday. Yup..! am an emotional, sentimental woman..! And yes my Blueberry Cheesecake is again a hit with all family and friends. I make about 15 pans each during Christmas. Though the click might not be great, the taste is mindblowing.


2. My most popular post.

Hot Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae was a post which got many many hits at the dawn of this blog.  Thattukada Chicken Curry has also seen a lot of popularity on this blog.


3. My most controversial post.

Well, I have not had any controversial posts yet. But I would say the Chicken fajitas were not exactly a great post and could have been made better.


4. My most helpful post.

I always was in doubt about making home made curd and masala. Making ghee at home would be a very helpful post as it can guide a beginner to make great ghee at home.Likewise, a step by step tutorial on roasting coffee seeds at home and making a fresh coffee brew is also a very helpful post.


5. A post that’s success surprised me.

That would be the Thattukada Chicken Curry – a very simple recipe, but one which got the most number of hits till date.


6. A post which I feel did not get the attention it deserved.

May be it was different, the main ingredient not too easy to find or maybe it was the uniqueness of it. I think the Cashew Apple Cooler was a great post. And it made a very tasty drink. However it was not quite well received.


7. The post of which I am most proud of.

We never made wines at home ever. My dad would get a bottle of store bought wine for the ladies and a bottle of Coke for the kids. Ginger Wine and Coffee Liqueur are both favorites with me. The same goes for Roasted Chicken Rice – an extremely tasty Malaysian meal.


Well, that’s all about me. Let me now pass the baton over to these very talented fellow bloggers.



Strawberry Nutella Crepes



Coming to the recipe for today, this is a favorite breakfast for my kids. Strawberries are not in season anymore. Once the aisles in the supermarket were over loaded with strawberries. But now they have been replaced with over priced but under ripe strawberries. I was luckily able to find a small basket of strawberries that looked better than the others. I bought it due to Irene’s insistence. And this was the first thing she asked me to make. She dressed up her pancake to look like the picture and polished it off in a matter of minutes.  That is how tasty kids find Nutella and strawberries – a super combo.


  • 1/2 cup All purpose flour
  • 1/2 + 2 Tbsp Milk
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • Butter for greasing pan
  • 1/2 cup Nutella
  • Strawberries


  • In the blender bowl, combine all purpose flour, milk, egg, sugar and salt. Blend till everything is combined to a smooth batter.
  • Pour this batter into a bowl,
  • Heat a pan on a medium low flame. Grease the pan with a dab of butter.
  • Pour some of the batter onto the pan and swirl the pan around like you would do with an omlette. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to get the exact measure and size each time.
  • Cook covered for a minute. It will cook on both sides with the heat and steam. Slide onto a plate. Repeat with the remaining batter.
  • During this time warm the Nutella in the microwave stirring occasionally.
  • The Nutella will become like a thick syrup which can be easily spread on your crepe.
  • Slice or chop the strawberries the way you like it.
  • Place a crepe on your serving plate and spread the Nutella over it. Arrange a few slices of strawberries on it.
  • Fold the crepe over and drizzle some of the Nutella over it.
  • Serve with additional strawberries on the side.


This is one way I get my son to eat strawberries. Who can resist chocolate on anything? Well he definitely cannot. And like Irene says  “Amma Nutella has nuts, so it is healthy food correct?” :))

This is my entry to Srivallis Kids Delight , a very innovative and exceptional event which is of great help to mothers with fussy kids. It features food for children and many talented bloggers have  contributed very valuable recipes. Do check it out.




  1. Christy Gerald says:

    Hi Anzz,This Strawberry Nutella Crepes r wonderfully done and displayed.Thanks for tagging me.I will post my seven libks tmoorow but I’m a new blogger – began to spread my wings just this months.So the second part is a tough process.Hope U understand,Anzz.

  2. ruchikacooks says:

    Thanks for the tag, lovely place you have here. Enjoyed reading about the posts – you know thats what matters right, lots of lil things that we add to our blogs 🙂 what we like, what we thought will be a big hit….

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